Refereed Conference Presentations and Papers

  • Weissenberger, L. K. & Harkin, T. (2018, January). The Irish Traditional Music Archive: LITMUS project and research resources. Paper to be presented at the ICTM/SMI joint postgraduate conference, NUI Maynooth.
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (2017, November). Documenting Irish traditional music and dance using linked data. Paper/performance presented at the 2nd Symposium for Documenting Performance, DocPerform 2: New Technologies, London, UK.
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (2017, November). The linked Irish traditional music (LITMUS) project at the Irish Traditional Music Archive. Paper presented at the annual British and Irish Sound Archives (BISA) conference, Edinburgh, UK.
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (2017, September). Stories, songs, steps, and tunes: A linked data ontology for Irish traditional music and dance. Paper presented at the International Society for Knowledge Organization, UK chapter biennial conference, London, UK.
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (2017, September). Constructing a linked data ontology for Irish traditional music: Challenges and opportunities. Paper presented at the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives conference, Berlin, Germany.
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (2017, July). Linked data ontology construction and Irish traditional music. Paper presented at the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) World Conference, Limerick, Ireland.
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (2017, June). Music information objects described by music practitioners: Implications for organization of and access to traditional musics. Paper presented at the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres, (IAML) 2017 Congress in Riga, Latvia.
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (2017, January). Investigating music information objects. Poster presented as part of the ALISE Jean Tague-Sutcliffe Doctoral Student Poster Competition, Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) 2017 conference, Atlanta, GA. 2nd place winner.
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (2016, September). “Windows” of time, part II: Documenting temporal and embodied epistemology in musicians. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Document Academy (DOCAM), Denton, TX. [Open Access]
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (2015, October). Teaching tradition: Technology-enhanced transmission. Paper presented at the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (2015, May). Traditional musics and ethical considerations of knowledge and documentation processes. Paper presented at the 3rd Milwaukee Conference on Ethics in Knowledge Organization, Milwaukee, WI.
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (2014, March). When “everything” is information: Irish traditional music and information retrieval. In iConference 2014 Proceedings (p 496-507). doi:10.9776/14131 [Open Access]
  • McClure, C. R., Mandel, L. H., & Weissenberger, L. K. (2011, August). Designing a user and usage database to promote, market, and demonstrate the value of selected statewide databases: The Florida Electronic Library as an example. Paper presented at the 9th Northumbria International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries and Information Services, York, UK.

Invited & Non-Refereed Presentations

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  • Weissenberger, L. K. (April, 2017). Traditions and technologies: Music information in a changing world. Visiting Scholar, Middlebury College, Burlington, VT.
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (September, 2015). Music information objects as described by music practitioners. School of Information Research Colloquia, College of Communication & Information, Florida State University.
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (September, 2012). Future information professionals. Invited member of panel presentation to undergraduate Introduction to Information Science students, Florida State University.
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (October, 2010). Looking beyond the arts to historical and information organizations. Invited Presentation to Arts Administration master’s students about Information Studies and Historic Preservation fields, including libraries and archives, College of Music, Florida State University.
  • Weissenberger, L. K. (March, 2009). Cost savings and benefits analysis of the Historic Preservation Online Grant Applications. Invited presentation to the Florida Historical Commission comparing the online grant applications to the paper grant applications.